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Nigeria king wants to stop 'flogging festival

Posted on 20th Sep 2018 10:19:26 in Technology, News

The residents of Ilara-Mokin, a town in Nigeria’s western state of Ondo state, celebrate the harvest season in an unusual way – by beating themselves with sticks during the New Yam Festival. Last Monday, the revellers danced and sang with joy without showing any sign of pain despite the welts on their backs.



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Nigerians are not mentally Indolent

Posted on 6th May 2018 20:12:24 in Technology, News


I do not think Nigerians are mentally indolent as is being thought in some quarters. If you consult the National Office of Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP), you would find a data base of inventions and innovations by Nigerians.

What Nigerians just need is the enforcement of intellectual property laws (Laws of Nigeria project no.30) and the promotion of opportunities for inventors and innovators.


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