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Here we say what is occuring within the security industry and in particular technological tools which are here and those coming up upstream. We are adamant that technology has a lot to provide the industry especially with the advent of smart chip and its implication with the so called "internet of thingss". Almost all house gadgets are now susceptible or amenable to this recent innovation. It is our intention to leverage this technology in performing our operations.

Nigeria Growing Population A Worry?

BBC 16th Feb 2019 12:12:00 in

You're into dangerous territory in Nigeria if you try to establish which ethnic or religious group has the biggest population as it brings to the fore a multitude of rivalries...

Black On Black Stabbing

Torome Emanu 6th Nov 2018 16:32:21 in

You need to be cognizant of where to bring in appropriate measures to stem the tide of feral juveniles causing havoc on our streets and community at large . The utterance from the Mayor that it will take another ten years to dilute the current situation to me is defeatist (disgusting) to say the least.

Stabbing In South-East London

bbc 4th Nov 2018 15:13:51 in

A man has died after being found with fatal stab wounds on a street in south-east London.

He was found in Samos Road, Anerley, in Bromley, at 12:30 GMT and pronounced dead at the scene at 13:00, police said.

Detectives say there are few details of the victim and no arrests have been made

Nigeria king wants to stop 'flogging festival

bbc 20th Sep 2018 10:19:26 in

The residents of Ilara-Mokin, a town in Nigeria’s western state of Ondo state, celebrate the harvest season in an unusual way – by beating themselves with sticks during the New Yam Festival. Last Monday, the revellers danced and sang with joy without showing any sign of pain despite the welts on their backs.