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Black History Month 2023 Events


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The Objectives Of This Annual Event

Black History Month is an annual event that takes place in October in the UK. It provides an opportunity to celebrate and understand the impact of black heritage and culture. The event began in the US in the 1920s and was first celebrated in the UK in 1987. The main objective of Black History Month is to raise awareness of the contributions made by people of African and Caribbean descent to British society, which have often been overlooked or distorted. It also aims to challenge racism and promote equality and diversity. The event is celebrated through various activities such as food festivals, music workshops, educational seminars, lectures, and more.

Black History Months 2023 Events

Faces of Africa is an exhibition that will be telling the story of the Black race with an array of rare artefacts in form of masks, drums and unique costumes.

You may have seen different African masks in the museum, but here in Waltham Forest, a Borough of Culture, we have assembled a gallery of African masks for your viewing and understanding the story of the Black race.

Masks have a lot of meaning, spiritual and ornamental, to the Black people, hence, Black History Month is the best time to bring this to town, as a way of saluting our sisters, as they were the main pillar behind it. Come and learn some rare historical perspectives of the Black race and their traditions and ancestral connections with masks. If you want to see traditional cowrie monies and their equivalent monetary value, this is the event you need to attend.



There will be lots of fun, African system of counting and language use will be available as complementary.
Refreshments and drinks will be available for guests. This is a family event, come with the children and let them learn something new and special about the African traditions.

African Women & Cultural Identity with African Clothes.

Women have been at the forefront of shaping history, inspiring changes and building communities. Black women pride themselves in what they wear and the appearance of the family, they make clothes for the family and ensure that the tradition remains in focus.

This event will highlight African women's unique cultural and traditional clothes, as an identifier for the roles that women have and continue to play in our society.

The focus is to demonstrate the unique ways that Black Women have always loved to appear and celebrate their gender and the enormous role they play in the family. Women are known to have perfected the art of cloth production and designing to taste, not just as a complementary wear but element of survival in terms of protecting the family and raising young children. We shall assemble an array of African prints and perhaps take perspectives into the patterns and designs. Women have mastered the skills of cloth weaving with traditional manual weaving looms, so, if you want to see how this is done or perhaps, take a vested interest in understanding the traditional way of cloth production without any powered mechanism, this is the event for you; a weaving loom will be on display and there will be a demo of the skill. As a way of "saluting our sisters" on this day, we shall be handing out complementary gifts in the form of carrier handbags, crafted from African prints, for the first 20 visitors.

The event is an avenue to tap into the black culture as regards clothing materials and production, get more understanding of the basics and hopefully, explore the opportunities that it offers in terms of knowledge and information sharing.

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