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As a charitable organisation born out of the necessity to foster and strengthen the bonds among locals and Nigerians in particular living in the borough, community spirit and the desire to understand and appreciates each others fallibles is the core thinking behind every thing we do. We are dedicated to the improvement and empowerment of Black People in general and those of Nigerian descent in particular. We provide advice, support, guidance, counseling, advocacy and representation services for the aforementioned group with equaminity.

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Our Mission

Nigerian Community (WF)'s mission is to provide channels through which social, political and economic issues affecting Nigerians can be addressed. We aim to do these by employing a structured united front on the one hand that will deal with the establishment and on the other hand utilizing the bond of humanity and culture that binds us all together. To be the prominent source of Information, Advice and Guidance for Nigerians in the Borough and those around its vicinity on issues and programmes that affect their lives. These could be on an individual level or through a family representation. Drawing strength from our global diversity, resources and experiences, we will promote innovative solutions and encourage global responsibility. We will facilitate lasting change through:

  1. Strengthening capacity for self-help.
  2. Providing economic opportunity
  3. Delivering relief in emergencies
  4. Influencing policy decisions at all levels
  5. Addressing discrimination in all its forms

Our Experience

Social Integration Forums
Multi Cultural Seminars
Depression In Black Communities
Social Change
Local Health Awareness

Working In Partnership

We will work in partnership with NGOs, charitable organisations and local government to develop services in response to the needs of local residents - the infirm, elderly, children, young people and family groups.

What We Do:

Nigerian Community (WF) is presently engaged in various capacities to tackle underlying causes of social disintegration and exclusion through established Government channels. We also partake with other organisations to create permanent social change with special emphasis on improving basic education, preventing the spread of HIV, increase access to government, expanding economic opportunities, the building of good communities and the provision of aids to collectively make people more self-sufficient while building their lives.

It is our intention also to have a comprehensive database of all Nigerians currently residing in the borough and its environs. Its main function will be to disseminate important and emergency information to those designated. It will also be used as a social service where contact for friends and love ones lost in the diaspora can be located.

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Our Heroes

These are the people who were clever enough to delibrate and brain storm together when the social conditions in some areas in their neighbourhood was not getting the adequate treatment they deserved from the local council. The aforementioned notwithstanding, they also genuinely felt that leaving everything to be done by the council was not necessarily providing the right results. Hence, the birth of NICOWF as a charity to facilitate and coordinate the locals with the councils so as to mitigate social discord

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What Our client say

Noise and constant load music around our neighbourhood had became intolerable. Nicowf intervened and made it better.

Michel Henry

Local Resident

We had so much trouble around our neighbourhood with grafitti and vandalism that it became intolerable. Nicowf intervened and made it better.

Alex Roy

Local Resident

We had much trouble around our neighbourhood concerning drugs and prostitution that became intolerable. Nicowf intervened and made it better.

Regina Abioku

Local Resident

Established since 2000

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