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Knife crime in Britain has increased for four consecutive years. In 2018, the number of fatal stabbings in the UK reached a record, with 285 people killed. So far in 2019, more than 100 people have been stabbed to death. This can not go on - we have the power to turn this tide.

The Knife Stabbing Seminar

You need to be cognizant of where to bring in appropriate measures to stem the tide of feral juveniles causing havoc on our streets and community at large . The utterance from some politicians that it will take another ten years to dilute the current situation is defeatist to say the list and disgusting to those who have lost love ones.

People in a civilised community have something in common called societal norm - It is the sum total of our laws, our values,, our institutions, of the habits of mind and heart that enable us to live, fairly harmoniously together, to trust each other (to some extent), to look out for each other (sometimes grudgingly), to understand each other (sometimes imperfectly), even to tell jokes about each other. The best aspects of our community need to be cherished and taught.

This in no way involves disparaging others or cutting oneself off from the wider world. A society cannot just pull up its civilizational roots and choose some other value system. But you can weaken your community adhesion by neglecting it and despising it. We are of the opinion we have arguably gone too far along that road already. Multi-culture and integration are terms we often hear from politicians and academics with varying interpretation of it contextual link with society at large. It invariably straddled along political fault lines.

So much emphasis these days rest on protecting the rights of the individual and totally ignores that fact that the family unit is the bedrock of any society. From a small village with a family of 10 to major metropolises or conurbations with millions of residents up-bringing to follow and respect societal norms begin from the home. Anyone saying otherwise is wrong period and we should all be forthright with this assertion. This is not to say we should be uncritical of our inherited values, blind to past misdeeds, or resistant to all change. The British values we all so admired has at its root diversity, eclecticism and capacity for evolution - these are its defining characteristics. And deep in the foundations of the aforementioned are Judeo-Christian principles: charity, love, peace, justice and forgiveness.

Once you succumbed to the liberal dogma of laissez-faire everything goes downhill. Majority of those carrying knifes and using them to cause deadly effects are from ethnic minorities(fact). Common sense - which a lot of people are lacking dictates that the police should used their finite resources intelligently. The aforementioned groups should be those targeted. The modus operandi of the police - whether it is stop and search in a particular location or random designated area should not be influenced by politics. In our judgement, it is the latter which is compounding the situation.

How on earth does a juvenile (14-18) take it to himself to carry knife just like a mobile phone without any quibble to say the least. Morality and norm of society is first injected into children in their homes. Schools are there to reaffirm and increase your brain capacity from what has been learned from home. We can not delegate the responsibilities of parents to teachers and social workers. Granted, if your Mom Or Dad is not fit enough to handle the duties that come with being a parent, has no moral compass - constantly stoned from drugs or alcohol then, there is a case for society to step in. But these are the very exceptionally cases. We can not make general legislation or laws base on exceptional cases. It is bound to cause mayhem just like what we have got now with some teenagers. We have literally for the past 30 years allowed dogmatic liberal views to permeate our moral fabric to the extent that the fibres are now coming apart. And we are now left wondering how on earth we got here .

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We will work in partnership with NGOs, charitable organisations and local government to develop services in response to the needs of local residents - the infirm, elderly, children, young people and family groups.

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Nigerian Community (WF) is presently engaged in various capacities to tackle underlying causes of social disintegration and exclusion through established Government channels. We also partake with other organisations to create permanent social change with special emphasis on improving basic education, preventing the spread of HIV, increase access to government, expanding economic opportunities, the building of good communities and the provision of aids to collectively make people more self-sufficient while building their lives.

It is our intention also to have a comprehensive database of all Nigerians currently residing in the borough and its environs. Its main function will be to disseminate important and emergency information to those designated. It will also be used as a social service where contact for friends and love ones lost in the diaspora can be located.

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We had so much trouble around our neighbourhood with grafitti and vandalism that it became intolerable. Nicowf intervened and made it better.

Debora Fela

Local Resident

We had so much trouble around our neighbourhood with abandoned Cars and vandalism. Nicowf intervened and presented our case problem solved.

Alex Roy

Local Resident

We had so much trouble around our neighbourhood with grafitti and vandalism that it became intolerable. Nicowf intervened and made it better.

Jane Smith

Local Resident

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