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Here we say what is occuring within the Local Community and the Local Council. Our policy and ethos is by and large, non-partisan. We make no bones about this because solutions we proffer are colour blind and have no race or religious affiliation

Two women and a man were injured in pub shooting Larkhall Road, Chingford

Nicowf 27th Apr 2018 00:00:00 in

Two women and a man were injured in a shooting in a pub on Easter Saturday. The incident happened shortly before 11pm in Larkshall Pub in Larkshall Road, Chingford.

Waltham Forest Council Approved Developmemt Of New Cinema Complex

Nicowf 28th Apr 2018 00:00:00 in

Waltham Forest Council approved the redevelopment of the historic site with a 4-1 vote on Tuesday 20 March 2018. Councillors praised Clear Architects for its tenacity in driving the development forward and for its high-quality design proposal that will restore the locally-listed Art Deco façade.

British Twins Arrested In Dubai

Nicowf 26th Apr 2018 11:51:40 in

A pair of high-flying British twins are at risk of spending three years in a Dubai prison after allegedly assaulting a policewoman while drunk and “cursing” at Arab women.


SENSELESS VIOLENCE' London stabbings 2018

Torome Emanu 12th Jan 2018 21:00:00 in

At least 36 people have been fatally stabbed - and 62 overall killed - in London since the beginning of the year.

Met Police records show 37, 443 recorded knife offences and 6,694 recorded gun offences across the UK in the year up to September 2017.

In London, the problem was even more pronounced than the rest of the country, with 12,980 knife crimes taking place in the capital - 2,452 more than the equivalent year.

Four teenagers were stabbed to death in London on New Year's Eve alone, and 22 were killed in March - meaning the capital now has a higher murder rate than New York

The popular US city had a mere 21 killings in comparison.