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How Putin has given South Africa a big diplomatic headache
The Russian leader's invasion of Ukraine has made life complicated for South Africa on several fronts.

Senegal shuts social media as protesters die after Sonko sentencing
Police surround the home of the opposition leader, who faces a two-year jail term.

Brics ministers call for rebalancing of global order away from West
The talks attended by Russia in South Africa are clouded by allegations of war crimes in Ukraine.

UK police release image of man found dead in plane
The unknown man's body was found in the undercarriage of a plane at Gatwick Airport in December.

Huge sandstorm sweeps across Suez Canal in Egypt
Two of the canal's ports were closed as parts of Egypt were engulfed by dust and sand.

Sudan conflict: Rockets hit Khartoum market as talks collapse
It caused the most civilian casualties in a single incident in the capital since the war began.

Ousmane Sonko trial: Senegal opposition leader sentenced for 'corrupting youth'
Protests erupt as politician Ousmane Sonko is cleared of rape but gets two years for another offence.

Tabitha Chawinga joins Victor Osimhen as top scorer in Serie A
Africa scores a double as Malawi's Tabitha Chawinga finishes as leading scorer in Italy's top flight, just like Napoli star Victor Osimhen.

NBA Playoffs: How Denver Nuggets' Zeke Nnaji promotes AI and virtual reality
As he looks ahead to the NBA Finals, Denver Nuggets forward Zeke Nnaji explains why he's nurturing budding scientists in Nigeria.

Nigeria's fuel subsidy: How the new president has shocked the nation
Bola Tinubu has picked his first big fight with trade unions by deciding to scrap fuel subsidies.

Navigating the two sides of Somalia's capital Mogadishu
Journalist Soraya Ali travels to Somalia to see if it really is how her mother remembers it.

Sudan Darfur crisis: 'Everything civilians can use has been burned or destroyed'
Large-scale destruction caused by Arab militias in western Sudan is now visible from space.

South Africa period poverty: 'I don't want anyone else to use rags for sanitary pads'
South African Tamara Magwashu grew up unable to afford pads or tampons - now she is changing that for others.

Bola Tinubu inauguration: The five tests awaiting Nigeria's new president
Bola Tinubu is taking over the presidency of Nigeria - a giant nation with gigantic problems.

Africa's week in pictures: 19-25 May 2023
A selection of the best photos from across Africa and beyond this week.

Why Turkey's election is being closely followed in Africa
Whoever wins Sunday's Turkish presidential run-off cannot ignore the country's growing ties with Africa.

South Africa load-shedding: The roots of Eskom's power problem
How corruption backed by a criminal network have led to South Africa's worst-ever power cuts.

Why an Ethiopian prince was buried in Windsor Castle
Exhuming Prince Alemayehu's body would disrupt the remains of others, Buckingham Palace says.

Hospital strikes potential war crimes, BBC told
Mounting evidence seen by the BBC suggests that medical facilities are being targeted by both sides.

Sudan conflict: The Eritrean refugees caught between two crises
Thousands of people find themselves stranded in South Sudan after fleeing the conflict to the north.

Sudan conflict: Brit who lived by embassy left without help
Despite repeated calls for help, the man and his disabled wife were not assisted, his family says.

Sudan's Darfur conflict: Why an accountant took up arms
Sudan's western region of Darfur has seen some of the worst fighting recently, including ethnic attacks.

From Syria to Sudan: The nightmare followed me
Kareem thought he had found safety but his life was then engulfed in violence once more.

Sudan crisis: Sudanese singer Shaden Gardood killed in crossfire
Shaden Gardood, 37, died one day after Sudan's warring parties signed a deal to protect civilians.

Sudan conflict: Grandmother died trapped by fighting in Khartoum
Alaweya Reshwan died at home in Khartoum, trapped by the fighting that is tearing Sudan apart.

Sudan conflict: 'How I saved my red guitar from Khartoum war zone'
Some 40,000 people have fled fighting in Sudan to go to South Sudan, one of the world's poorest countries.

Sudan crisis: Mediators over a barrel in mission to end fighting
The dilemma for those trying to bring peace to Sudan and why it will be so hard to end the fighting.

Sudan fighting: Student engineer electrocuted fixing power in Darfur clinic
He was among volunteers who had reopened a medical facility that had shut amid clashes and looting.

'I fled Sudan in my shorts' - Nigerian footballer
The midfielder had no time to gather his belongings as fighting broke out in his neighbourhood.

Sudan fighting: Bittersweet ending for one family fleeing conflict
After a tortuous wait, Azza is heading to the UK with her children, but without her husband.

Sudan fighting: BBC reporter's perilous journey to leave Khartoum
Mohamed Osman has lived in Sudan his whole life, but the conflict has forced him into exile.

The pioneering actress killed in Sudan cross-fire
Asia Abdelmajid, famous for her stage performances, is buried in the grounds of a kindergarten.

Terrified Sudanese on the run from Arab militias in Darfur - again
After two decades of turmoil people in Darfur, west Sudan, are scared of being targets once again.

Stranded in Sudan with passports locked in Western embassies
Sudanese citizens say they can't escape because their passports are inside closed European embassies.

Sudan's Darfur fighting: 'I saw pick-up trucks full of dead people'
With Arab militias targeting warehouses, markets and homes in Darfur, people are cowering inside.

Sudan crisis: Three ways the conflict could play out
The BBC speaks to analysts to help map out the scenarios that may unfold in the next few weeks.

Sudan: Why has fighting broken out there?
Fighting is continuing in Sudan between the regular armed forces and a powerful paramilitary force.

Sudan crisis: Burhan and Hemedti - the two generals at the heart of the conflict
Gen Burhan and Gen Dagalo's tense relationship has spiralled into conflict engulfing the country.

Sudan crisis: Chaos at port as thousands rush to leave
The BBC's chief international correspondent Lyse Doucet reports from Port Sudan as thousands flee.

Sudan evacuation: The painful dilemma facing Khartoum's residents - stay or go?
Thousands have fled the Sudanese capital since fighting began, but some say they feel safer at home.

Sudan fighting: On a bus to Egypt with Mario the pug
Noon Abdelbassit Ibrahim and her relatives are among the thousands of Sudanese to leave the country.

Wagner in Sudan: What have Russian mercenaries been up to?
The Wagner group denies involvement in the current conflict, but there's evidence it has previously been active in Sudan.

Sudan crisis: Egypt's dilemma over the fighting
The fighting has sent shockwaves through the region but Egypt seems paralysed over what to do.

Sudan fighting: The unsung heroes keeping Khartoum residents alive
WhatsApp groups and social media are brimming with offers of help for those without food or medicine.

Sudan fighting: Why it matters to countries worldwide
Fighting in the north-east African nation is ringing alarm bells around the world. Why does it matter so much?

Sudan conflict: 'We're expecting to get shot at any time,' doctor says
A Sudanese doctor tells the BBC he fears for his life treating patients at a Khartoum hospital.

Sudan conflict: Khartoum residents fear food shortages amid fighting
As fighting rages in Sudan's capital, Khartoum residents tell the BBC that another crisis is looming.

How do UK visa changes affect foreign students?
A clampdown on student visas means many Nigerian students won't be allowed to come to the UK with their families.

NYSC: How Nigerian graduates serve their country
Every year thousands of Nigerian graduates across the country take part in the National Youth Service Corps, a compulsory year-long scheme.

Hilda Baci: I cooked for 100 hours to put Nigeria on the map
Nigerians cheer on chef Hilda Baci, who looks set to be a Guinness World Record holder.

Stream and chill or a cinema trip?
Africa is projected to have 15 million video streaming subscribers by 2028. But what does this mean for the cinema industry?

South African pantsula dance ‘saved my life’
Meet Lerato Motsepe of the Soweto Skeleton Movers. She talks about how she expresses herself through dance.

Netflix series about Cleopatra sparks controversy
A Netflix docudrama series has sparked controversy over the skin-tone of the lead actress.

Local Housing

This is one of the main issues facing local people. The inadequacy of social housing stock continues to be the main concerns of local people. And it is getting worst.

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Drugs And Illegal Substances

Taking illegal drug is always fraught with danger. You don't need me to tell you that - your grand mother will say the same. The high very often tend to perpetual low that you will never get out from. Get advise now before it is too late

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Knife Attacks

Who goes around with a knive as weapon of protection is deluded. It will inevitably be your comeuppance. Just in case you do not understand, it will kill you. There is no justification for carrying a knive excerpt when you are foraging in the jungle.

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Gang Culture

We were all young once - doing things adults will frown upon. This was at school or in the play grounds. But as we grew up, people we wanted to associate with start to shrink in numbers as our brain matured correspondingly and as a result doing the right thing. Pick your friends judiciously.

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Local Parks

From a personal experience - the local park is a refuge for meditation,physical exploration and mental rejuvination. Just go for a slow run and see how you feel afterwards. Physical and mentally rewarding. Don't just take my words for it - it is a scientific fact. Please do try it.

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24/7 Support

We are your one stop local solution advocate. Dont't carry all that weight on your own we are here to not only relief some of it, but to help you get back to you again.

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