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A million faulty condoms recalled in Uganda
Some of the male contraceptives supplied by charity Marie Stopes contained holes or risked bursting.

LGBT refugees: Life in Kenya after fleeing Uganda
Mbazira Moses and his friends are trying to rebuild their lives after fleeing anti-gay discrimination.

'Faeces-throwing' Thames Estuary cargo ship stowaways guilty
The men, from Nigeria and Liberia, armed themselves with metal poles and demanded to be taken to Britain.

Mali army loses 24 soldiers in Niger border attack
The incident in northern Mali comes weeks after one of the deadliest attacks in recent years.

Banks facilitated South Africa corruption under Zuma, says Peter Hain
Several international firms helped with theft of state funding, British lawmaker Peter Hain says.

Lion removed from house opposite Lagos school
The creature was reportedly being used to guard a house in the Nigerian city of Lagos.

France returns Omar Tall's sword to Senegal
It belonged to 19th Century leader Omar Saidou Tall who fought French imperial forces in Senegal.

2021 Africa Cup of Nations: Ethiopia shock Ivory Coast
Ethiopia come from behind to upset visiting Ivory Coast 2-1 as Morocco ease past Burundi in 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying.

Blind Ghana student 'violently' pulled from UK university
Ebenezer Azamati says he felt "unwelcome" in Britain after being "violently removed" from the Oxford Union

2021 Africa Cup of Nations: Egypt held as Ghana, Algeria win
Comoros hold visiting Egypt goalless as Ghana and Algeria edge to narrow victories in Monday's 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

Nigeria's Edo State to pay women and men teams equally
The Edo State government in Nigeria announces it will now pay its women's team the Edo Queens the same as its men's side Bendel Insurance.

Kenya Airways stowaway: Mystery of the man who fell from the sky
Four months after the body of a suspected stowaway fell from a Kenya Airways plane into a London garden, we still don't know who he was.

Africa's top shots: 8-14 November 2019
A selection of the week's best photos from across the continent and beyond.

Pascal Siakam: Toronto Raptors star & his unconventional path from Cameroon to NBA
Pascal Siakam might have been a priest. Or a footballer. The path that led him to the NBA is not what you would call conventional.

How a lion was removed from house in Lagos
A lion, which was reportedly being used to guard a house in Lagos, has been removed by a task force.

Got cash? Zimbabwe's inflation and currency problems explained
The first Zimbabwean dollar notes in ten years were released this week. But how did we get here?

Igbo community in Liverpool: 'Like a home from home'
Liverpool's Igbos are working to rebuild their community centre.

How AS Roma helped find a missing Kenyan child
When the Italian side signed Chris Smalling on loan, his arrival helped find a missing child.

Zimbabweans forced to choose between medicine and food
The worst drought for 40 years is making the economic hardship worse - leaving people starving.

Libya: Migrant mother's dying wish to get children to Europe
The BBC's Orla Guerin meets a family waiting to cross to Europe from Libya with orphaned children whose mother died on the way.

Local Housing

This is one of the main issues facing local people. The inadequacy of social housing stock continues to be the main concerns of local people. And it is getting worst.

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Drugs And Illegal Substances

Taking illegal drug is always fraught with danger. You don't need me to tell you that - your grand mother will say the same. The high very often tend to perpetual low that you will never get out from. Get advise now before it is too late

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Knife Attacks

Who goes around with a knive as weapon of protection is deluded. It will inevitably be your comeuppance. Just in case you do not understand, it will kill you. There is no justification for carrying a knive excerpt when you are foraging in the jungle.

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Gang Culture

We were all young once - doing things adults will frown upon. This was at school or in the play grounds. But as we grew up, people we wanted to associate with start to shrink in numbers as our brain matured correspondingly and as a result doing the right thing. Pick your friends judiciously.

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Local Parks

From a personal experience - the local park is a refuge for meditation,physical exploration and mental rejuvination. Just go for a slow run and see how you feel afterwards. Physical and mentally rewarding. Don't just take my words for it - it is a scientific fact. Please do try it.

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24/7 Support

We are your one stop local solution advocate. Dont't carry all that weight on your own we are here to not only relief some of it, but to help you get back to you again.

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